Monday, October 27, 2008

Doctor, Doctor I am Sick!

Muscle pain, headache, fever and flu. All in one package.

It is almost a week, and still experiencing high fever and flu. This is the first time that I experience this kind of uncomfortable circumstances. (lying down to my bed and drinking plenty of water is a "No No".) I cannot do my daily activities and routines in my workplace. The last time I do is when I attended a 2 day National Conference of IT Education (NCITE) in UP Los Banos last October 23 and 24.

After the conference, my body experience a tremendous breakdown. Stress maybe is one of the factor that lead me to a week long sick leave. I stay home in Batangas City and the only thing that I can do is to turn on my laptop and connect to the internet. Chat with friends, check my mail and write this blog post. I also check my students assignment and online quizzes submitted through mail and uploaded projects and websites in the world wide web.In response to the posting of grades this end of month, I should be multitasking even if I'm home (sick). Actually, the only thing good right now is that I got some rest and eat plenty of good food. (Thanks to my Mom)

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