Monday, March 23, 2009

My First Day Beyond Twenty Five

At Last! This day starts my new vision in my life.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Go Bravehearts Cheer dancers

Last November 4-6, FAITH Cheer dancers (consists of 25 dedicated members of the Institution’s academic and non-academic pool of talents) boost their energy and enthusiasm in rehearsals and practices for the Cheer dance competitions for the 2008 First Asia Venture Network Games to be held at First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities Indoor Sports Arena on November 8, 2008. This year’s theme was EARTH, WIND, FIRE, and EARTH. For this year’s event, it is my privileged to be part of the cheer dance team of FAITH. Despite the fact that I missed several dance steps and cheer dance lifting formation, I was given enough emphasis as the center performer in the TAI CHI part and provide the beat for the cheer dance by playing the drums during the event. Free jogging pants and jackets are provided for the members as a consolation.

FAITH New School Management System: Parallel Testing with Campus ++

Campus++ is a suite of business software solution which seamlessly integrates school management and on-line students, faculties and parents’ web portal, with financial accounting, human resource management and other corporate services. It consists of several feature-rich, ready-to-use application modules that can cost effectively and reliably deliver critical services for your admission, enrollment, academic, security, library, laboratory and other campus requirements.

As part of the parallel testing of FAITH ISIS (Integrated School Information System) and Campus++, the CS and IT Department faculty members was chosen to be part of the systems evaluators. They evaluated the Campus++ accuracy and reliability of data. Both systems run simultaneously to distinguish the differences in records and reprogrammed immediately to avoid confusion. Before the day ends, evaluators recorded some data inconsistencies regarding the outputs and reports, but the Campus++ team addressed it immediately for modification.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back to work!

After the 2 days holiday vacation due to All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, people are hurry coming back to work and daily activities this week. Big number of travelers and vacationer coming from their hometowns are stationed from different bus stations, airports and pier.

For me, its a brand new day. Coming from a week long sick leave and rushing schedules of posting of grades, my line of work is back to normal. I have less scheduled activities for this week. I don't have urgent reports to be submitted because of the enrollment period scheduled and semester vacation of the students. I still have my requested leave today from work but plan to travel this evening to Tanauan City. By the way, second semester is approaching very fast that means I will be having a new class schedule, new set of students, new lessons to prepare and life to begin.

My Ghost Story

Everyone has their own ghost story from childhood storytelling's to adult ghost fiction and horror books. Some people may have a close encounter with ghost or heard several stories of shocking experience with ghost, spirits and paranormal events.

The story takes place during my childhood days. I experienced it one night in our own house in the middle room. Our helper (Andrea) who's sleeping in the middle room stood up from her bed and shouting out loud away from the window. We ran towards the room and calm her down for a minute but still she ask for help to get her away from the room's open window. After 30 minutes, she told us what happen to her. A black-hairy man with red eye from the window call her name and want her to come with him. She denied the request and the hairy man eagerly forced her to come with him until she scream for help until he disappear. Andrea explained that the beast resting place where not so far from the place. The old and tall acacia tree which is believed to be the yielding place of bad spirit, white lady, "tikbalang" (half-man, half-horse) and black dwarfs. Many stories and experiences related to the acacia tree had been retold many times in our barrio and still believe (by many) to be true. My ghost story can be forgotten and untold, but the only thing visible and still growing for years is the old acacia tree that can be viewed far away from my room's window.

Maybe you have your own ghost story? Have you?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Oyayi ni Pule: The Musical

Last October 29, I went with my parents to watch and listen to the Musical Play "Oyayi ni Pule" at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It is a production musical of Apolinario Mabini's life (a great Batangaueno).

This is one inspiring moment not only for the viewer as a whole who may be able to draw strength and courage to go on amidst difficulties in life and studies. It starts with a flashback of history during the Spanish and American Time. The play highlight Pule's basic education to his secondary until he reach his professinoal career as a lawyer. The musical play ends with a standing ovation from Department of Education Officials, Sec. Labrador and Dr. Giron of DepEd CALABARZON with teachers from the Province of Batangas.

Why do I allot my time and schedule just to support the Musical Play? Infact, Im still sick during that time that we travel from a 2 hours drive to Manila. It is because for only one reason. The main actor (eldest Pule) is my youngest brother Reymark. Watch out for them as they perform the Musical Play around the world.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Doctor, Doctor I am Sick!

Muscle pain, headache, fever and flu. All in one package.

It is almost a week, and still experiencing high fever and flu. This is the first time that I experience this kind of uncomfortable circumstances. (lying down to my bed and drinking plenty of water is a "No No".) I cannot do my daily activities and routines in my workplace. The last time I do is when I attended a 2 day National Conference of IT Education (NCITE) in UP Los Banos last October 23 and 24.

After the conference, my body experience a tremendous breakdown. Stress maybe is one of the factor that lead me to a week long sick leave. I stay home in Batangas City and the only thing that I can do is to turn on my laptop and connect to the internet. Chat with friends, check my mail and write this blog post. I also check my students assignment and online quizzes submitted through mail and uploaded projects and websites in the world wide web.In response to the posting of grades this end of month, I should be multitasking even if I'm home (sick). Actually, the only thing good right now is that I got some rest and eat plenty of good food. (Thanks to my Mom)