Saturday, November 8, 2008

Go Bravehearts Cheer dancers

Last November 4-6, FAITH Cheer dancers (consists of 25 dedicated members of the Institution’s academic and non-academic pool of talents) boost their energy and enthusiasm in rehearsals and practices for the Cheer dance competitions for the 2008 First Asia Venture Network Games to be held at First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities Indoor Sports Arena on November 8, 2008. This year’s theme was EARTH, WIND, FIRE, and EARTH. For this year’s event, it is my privileged to be part of the cheer dance team of FAITH. Despite the fact that I missed several dance steps and cheer dance lifting formation, I was given enough emphasis as the center performer in the TAI CHI part and provide the beat for the cheer dance by playing the drums during the event. Free jogging pants and jackets are provided for the members as a consolation.

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