Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Ghost Story

Everyone has their own ghost story from childhood storytelling's to adult ghost fiction and horror books. Some people may have a close encounter with ghost or heard several stories of shocking experience with ghost, spirits and paranormal events.

The story takes place during my childhood days. I experienced it one night in our own house in the middle room. Our helper (Andrea) who's sleeping in the middle room stood up from her bed and shouting out loud away from the window. We ran towards the room and calm her down for a minute but still she ask for help to get her away from the room's open window. After 30 minutes, she told us what happen to her. A black-hairy man with red eye from the window call her name and want her to come with him. She denied the request and the hairy man eagerly forced her to come with him until she scream for help until he disappear. Andrea explained that the beast resting place where not so far from the place. The old and tall acacia tree which is believed to be the yielding place of bad spirit, white lady, "tikbalang" (half-man, half-horse) and black dwarfs. Many stories and experiences related to the acacia tree had been retold many times in our barrio and still believe (by many) to be true. My ghost story can be forgotten and untold, but the only thing visible and still growing for years is the old acacia tree that can be viewed far away from my room's window.

Maybe you have your own ghost story? Have you?

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